About Us

Before the turn of the century, Stratis Mountanos and his brother Richard left their home in Greece and made a new life in America, selling roasted coffee and chestnuts from a mule-drawn cart. Stratis settled in San Francisco, where the brothers had developed a devoted following, while Richard sought his fortune in Washington, D.C., selling his wares in the shadow of the Capitol Building. Though the locals loved his great coffee, some politicians thought Richard's cart and donkey unsuitable to the dignity of "The Hill." They pushed him to move elsewhere, until his most famous customer intervened on his behalf. "As long as I'm in office," said Franklin D. Roosevelt,"the Greek on the corner stays!" Over the years, Richard and Stratis instilled their love of coffee and their strong work ethic in their children. Stratis' son Michael learned the art of coffee roasting at his father's knee, and passed his knowledge down to his son Milt, who kept the family business thriving with the help and support of his wife, Helen. Milt and Helen's son Michael (named after his grandfather) represents the fourth generation of coffee roasters in the Mountanos family and is the President of Mountanos Brothers Coffee Company.

We are now celebrating five generations of Mountanos in the business.We are excited to have Lauren Mountanos working with us and welcome Maria, Mike and Erika's youngest daughter to the family, who was born July 15, 2003.Maria is a welcome addition to Lauren, Matthew and Lindsay. Mike Mountanos looks forward to their contributions to the business and knows that they will bring much success to Mountanos Brothers Coffee co.

We can assure you that Mountanos Brothers still buys, roasts, and sells coffee with the same care and passion that Stratis and Richard brought to their craft. Along the way, we've forged relationships with farmers in the world's premier coffee-growing regions, and we've developed and refined our own roasting technique, based on nearly a century of knowledge and experience.

Michael extended the Mountanos product offering to include a collection of premium teas, named after his daughter Lindsay. Immensely popular, Lindsay's Teas has grown and has more than 75 of the world's finest teas, herbals, and fruit infusions.

All coffees and teas are sourced and packed with the same focus on uncompromising quality that governs everything Mountanos Brothers does. Today, we still attract loyal customers, because everyone at Mountanos Brothers remains deeply committed to bringing you the finest coffee and tea available.